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"As far as I'm concerned, there are only two really important decisions in a cook's life: choosing a mate and buying a chef's knife. If that seems like an overstatement, you just haven't found the right knife."

- Russ Parsons, food writer

[Meglio]: (Italian) better or best

|Pronunciation: "mel-ee-oh"|

The biggest problem knife and blade owners have is that their products get dull fast. Many times the blades will chip or break, and an overwhelming majority overpay for a product where the quality of the materials used are questionable. Why should you have to buy a new knife every year? And why are your knives dulling fast or breaking?

CEO and founder Brandon Hampton has been developing blades for the culinary world and military for over a decade. There is no question we err on the side of innovation. We use cutting edge technology to provide our consumers with blades made out of the best materials possible and will continue to do so with the evolution of technology and science. Every item that leaves our facility is hand made and quality controlled. Our promise is: you will receive a high quality knife that will stay sharper longer, and maintain quality well beyond any given expectation.

Shop with confidence when considering Meglio Knives as we stand behind our product with life time warranties, and will always be able to restore any given knife that leaves our workshop back to 100%.