Meglio Knives' November 2018 Featured Chef: Giang Luu

Giang Luu gives his insights on how he uses his Meglio Knife.

Giang Luu

Chef at 2120 in Seattle, WA

Giang Luu

Meglio Arsenal:

  • 6" Left handed Bunka

Meglio Knives 6" Bunka

About Giang:

"I am color deficient but love the puzzle of fitting colors and shapes together under the umbrella of flavor. With cooking, I found acceptance in my conflicting forces. Cooking permitted me to let my ideas fly while serving the world at the same time. There is endless fascination in the details of the culinary world and I am bewitched by the allure of spending my life learning all of its secrets."

Giang's dish

  • duck breast
  • nutmeg sweet potato mash
  • white peach balsamic red wine reduction
  • fried ginger
  • bosc pears

What Giang likes about his knife:

"From tough butchering to delicate finessing, I rely on my Meglio for whatever job and everything in between. I very much admire the grit and grace of my Bunka. The steel gives me confidence in knowing that when I need a job done, it will be done in the fashion I need. The blade stays sharp. I don't worry about chipping. With the life time warranty, I'm more eased when relying on my Meglio to be my right hand man." - Giang Luu

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