Meglio Knives' March 2019 Featured Chef: Loren Waite

From mobile sushi, to the Fish Joint, Waite tinkers and fixes with his Meglio knife.

Loren Waite

Partner, Chef de Cuisine, Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub

Loren Waite


Loren Waite is an energetic chef with a wicked sense of humor who is passionate about surfing, cooking, and hand-crafted knives. He likes to tinker with things; he is a fixer and enjoys a challenge, be it repairing an old moped or finding a new application for a novel ingredient. Loren is the Chef de Cuisine at Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub, a playfully irreverent seafood-centric restaurant that features responsibly sourced fish and veggies.

Chef Loren learned how to roll sushi from his brother Davin before leaving his hometown of Oceanside, CA for a short stint at UC Santa Cruz. Once back in North County, Loren embraced a lifestyle of surf, tattoo art, and fishing; the creative and high-energy outlet of chef life was a natural choice. Loren co-founded The Fish Joint with his brother in Oceanside in 2004, and the two helmed a punk-rock sushi bar pairing the freshest local fish with flavors that were ahead of their time. After leaving the Fish Joint in 2012 Loren founded The Sushi Bus, a mobile sushi service that catered to the bourgeoning craft beer scene in San Diego County. In 2013 Loren partnered on the launch of Wrench & Rodent, and in 2016 joined the Wrench team full-time as Chef de Cuisine. Loren now balances his career as a chef with the joys of being a new dad, and happily embraces the challenges and rewards of both.

Loren’s Meglio Arsenal:

12” offset Yanagiba 12” offset Yanagiba CD1 steel with resin burl handles and torched titanium hardware


Baja stripped bass

  • Baja stripped bass
  • Blueberry water
  • Orange salsa

What Loren loves about his Meglio knife:

“No bullshit. It’s the best knife I’ve ever used” -Loren Waite

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