Meglio Knives' February 2019 Featured Chef: Davin Waite

Waite aims to stay in a state of consistent innovation and creation in order to teach and inspire.

Davin Waite

About Davin:

Davin Waite began his career as a sushi chef at Ichiban in Santa Barbara under the instruction of Chef Hiro, a local legend and master of sushi as well as French and Italian Cuisine. Back in North San Diego County Davin continued on to Cafe Japengo, and in 2003 he returned to his hometown of Oceanside to co-found The Fish Joint. With his next project Davin created a restaurant in his own image; scrappy, irreverent and constantly pushing boundaries. Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub began as a pop-up but quickly became a destination for those who appreciated Waite’s creative and delicious approach to minimizing waste and celebrating local and sustainably sourced products.

Waite aims to stay in a state of consistent innovation and creation in order to teach and inspire. Davin has taught sustainable cooking techniques to elementary students, culinary students and city officials. He has spoken on panels on topics including using underutilized species and sourcing from local farmers. In 2017 Davin was a keynote speaker at the California Resource and Recovery Conference, where he broke down a whole fish on stage to demonstrate how each part can be used to make delicious menu items, down to the ribs, skin and marrow. Waite’s menus reflect his values as he continues to evolve as a chef and as an advocate.

Davin’s Meglio arsenal:


  • 12" offset yanagiba (above)
  • 9" santoku
  • 9" yanagiba traditional


  • New Zeiland Snapper in a purple basil water

What Davin likes about his Meglio Knives:

“My knives are insanely durable. I beat the [beep] out of them due to the amount of customers that come in for service every night. I am processing whole fish every day before service so you can imagine the amount of stress I put these knives through. Where other knives would normally chip, Meglio runs right through with no effect on the integrity of the blade. Many of the knives that I’ve previously owned who have claimed strength, I’ve ended up chipping. I am not one to knock tradition, But owning the offset yanagiba that Meglio offers has been a real game changer for me. The offset allows my fingers enough room to cut freely without rubbing on the cutting board. I love the balance of the full tang. My Meglio Knives have what I like to call and accelerator pedal. They power through just about any task with the proper amount of finesse needed. For some of my more delicate cuts, I feel my Meglio Knives are the only ones fit for the task. I feel like the added precision the blade affords me allows me to control my cuts down to the millimeter. If you don’t own a Meglio, strongly consider purchasing one.” - Davin

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