Meglio Knives' August 2019 Featured Chef: André Cardé

André Cardé and Meglio team up to influence the world!

André Cardé

André Cardé

Co-founder of The Learning Chef, André cooks out of Northern California's famous Napa Valley. Having spent a decade cooking for wineries, private events and celebrities, André can usually be found in the kitchen, behind a camera or in his garden growing fresh produce - part of the movement to increase sustainability and awareness in the industry. André is a strong advocate for permaculture because, as he says, "Farm to table starts at home."

André Cardé Dish


  • Torn Asparagus Sponge Cake

  • Bitto Cremé Mornaise

  • Candied Garlic

  • Aromatic Beach-Head Mushrooms

  • Lemon Confit

  • Micro Asparagus

  • Lemon Thyme

  • Edible Flowers

What I love about my Meglio Knives:

André Cardé's Meglio Arsenal

6” Damascus utility knife with desert ironwood handles.

"My Meglio knife is the most durable knife I've ever owned. The edge retention is insane! It takes a beating regularly and holds that edge. What surprises me the most about the blade is being able to have razor quality sharpness while maintaining reliability and the grip is comfy as f***. " - André Cardé

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