Santoku Style Knife Made with American Super-steel

An in-depth look at the "Meglio" design of a Japanese classic.

Since the beginning of Meglio Knives, we have always strived to be better, or even the best (hence the name Meglio). The "1905" on our logo represents the year our great-grandfather Leonardo Scardino came to America from the Calabria area in Italy. He fought in WWI, watched Babe Ruth play, defied the Mafia, and raised a family through the Great Depression. His determination and work ethic is something we strive for. We hope to do this by bringing you the best possible culinary experience by making a tool that will last a lifetime, or even generations.

Meglio Knives started a few years back making custom chef knives. The research and development phase was rough: learning that CPM3V is not easily cut with a chop saw, creating, designing and throwing away fixtures that we thought would help us but didn't, and we discovered that designing a knife that is lightweight, balanced, and "sharp-as-hell" that would appeal to most, no, all professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts all over the world was a difficult task to complete.

Through all of the trial and error, blood, and grinding off of fingernails and calluses, we have found the recipe for making lightweight, balanced, and "sharp-as-hell" knives that appeal to professional chefs all over the world. If you don't believe us, check out our Instagram @meglio_knives. Along with this, we have found ways to improve upon our operations, knife fabrication techniques, and materials.

Since November 2013, our company has only made high-quality custom chef knives. But last year, 2016, we discovered a way to improve our use of high quality steel, materials, and techniques to create a much more affordable version of our knives. We call it our "Production" knife. We would like to take this opportunity to go in depth about what makes this Production knife model special and why it is "Meglio".

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Inspiration - Why make a production knife as opposed to staying with customs?

Every person that has had the opportunity (and pleasure) to use our knives has fallen in love with and only has the highest praise for them. We want to get these knives to more people so that they can experience what a quality knife is. Our challenge has been that the price-point was not economical for the average user. So, we decided to buy our materials in bulk and streamline our most popular design for cost effectiveness.

Blade Steel - CTS-XHP (American Super-steel) - Why stainless? What are the advantages?

We went with stainless because it requires less maintenance than its high carbon steel counter-part. CTS-XHP has the highest abrasion resistance and toughness of all the stainless steels out there. It will stay sharp longer than other stainless steels because it will not chip. And because it is a PM grade material, it does not have grain structure, and the steel comes out of heat treat very consistent with repeatable results.

The Handle - G10 - Why the tactical feel?

We kept the professional chef that works in a commercial kitchen in mind when choosing our handle material. G10 is a synthetic composite material that is hypoallergenic, sanitary and stable; meaning, it will not warp or crack like wood does, can take much more abuse than wood, and feels great in the hand. The tactical feel comes from our experience with making tactical knives, and it looks really badass.

Style - Santoku - Why choose a Japanese style?

The santoku style is a multipurpose design . While cooking, a chef does not have to grab other types of knives to complete ancillary tasks. We wanted to appeal to those who really like the Japanese style, but bring superior material, such as CTS-XHP, into the mix to create a flawless cooking experience.

Length - 6.5inches - Why choose this length?

We listen to our customers. In user testing, 6.5 was the magic number that "felt good" or "balanced" in the subject's hands.

Variety - Black PVD and Stone Washed - Why two designs?

Some like it hot. Others, not so much. We wanted to add variety to our designs to appeal to this concept. Some of our users like the traditional look of the Stone Washed version of the knife. Others love the sleek look and feel of the black PVD coated knife.

So, if you want to experience what everyone is talking about, you can head over to our shop and check out our Stone Washed Santoku Chef Knife or our Black Santoku Chef Knife. They make great gifts, have a lifetime warranty, and belong in everyone's kitchen.

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