Meglio Knives

Your knives lose sharpness with use, that's a fact. A knife that doesn't cut well makes you lose your flow, your speed, your stride. You use your knives a lot. Your knife is a staple tool, it's a cornerstone of your craft; it's your artist's brush, your writers pen, your war blade.

Your blade needs it's sharpness, and it needs to stay sharp. Your knife may be heavy, and it's getting dull quickly with each cut, you find yourself sharpening your blade at every turn, sometimes, it seems like a lot. Meglio Knives understands where you're coming from; we have been there. What you need is a better tool, a better pen to write your story, a better brush to make your art.

The ONLY production Chefs Knife in existence made with military-grade materials .

Our Premium Blade Steel Stays Sharper Longer.

Tougher Blade Steel Means Our Blades Are Not Prone To Chipping

Our Stylish Composite Handle, Elegant & More Sanitary.

Single side ground, for a sharper edge.